Download Mirillis Action 3.1.3 Screen Shot Pro

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Download Mirillis Action can also capture and save online video streaming that can be played. Of course, it will not be the whole page to be filmed, but the user will show the same part by specifying the required part, and the software will only store the same part. After recording video and audio, the user can take action to store them, which will be possible at this stage in various audio and video formats.

In the manufacturer’s description, the ability to record HD videos with Intel processors without much use of the processor, and Mirillis Action! With Intel processors, it will be much better. The software application environment is very user-friendly and simple and can be used by all users easily and with little time.

Download Mirillis Action Mirillis is an excellent software for recording video from the Windows environment, software, games, and wherever you think HD quality, as well as recording and storing everything that comes out of the sound card and you hear. Be The key features of this software is that, while filming the Windows environment and recording the sounds, it can support the microphone when recording video from the Windows environment and games and … to record microphone voice, and thus the user Can do video conferencing and video conferencing, or anything that is needed. The point that is mentioned in the manufacturer’s website is the storage of high quality HD video and audio quality recorded with SD quality. The 480p quality will be great for making educational videos. So this software is very powerful in terms of quality.

How to install

1) Be sure to make sure your Internet connection is turned off.

2) Install the software. After completing the installation, do not run the software at all.

3) Copy the Action_Run.bat file to your desktop. Now run this file as Run as Administrator.

4) The executable file of Step 3 will run the software for you. Please wait about 15-30 seconds to close the CMD environment opened by step three.

5) The software can be used.

Important note! Just run the application executable file Action_Run.bat. Otherwise, you will receive Arreau Licensing.

Download link

Download link with size 67 MB

A downloadable version of Portable 22 MB

RAR File password

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